The sharp increase in trading volume ST Changsheng sky floor is a beautiful trap

The sharp increase in trading volume ST Changsheng “sky floor” is a beautiful trap

ST Changsheng (right protection) “Sky Floor” is a beautiful trap source: Beijing Commercial Daily Zhou Kejing ST Changsheng (002680) went out of the “Sky Floor” against the market on August 30, winning the attention of many investorsThe sharp enlargement also means that many OTC investors have chosen to enter.

However, although ST Changsheng’s “sky floor” looks good, the investment risk is huge and investors should not pursue it.

  The highest investment goal is to avoid major investment risks, and a “sky floor” of ST Changsheng cannot hide the huge investment risks of the company’s stock.

On the evening of August 30, the risk warning announcement disclosed by ST Changsheng showed that ST Changsheng’s stock still had the risk of suspension of listing or delisting.

In the face of any stock that is at risk of suspension or delisting, investors have no reason to buy, and no reason to invest in any value.

  ST Changsheng walked out of the drama of reversing the rising limit from the falling limit after the 33rd daily limit board, commonly known as “sky floor”. The investors who bought 南京夜网 stocks on the daily limit board saw a floating income of about 10% on the surface.A bit of “knife licking blood” taste, it will be severely trapped if you accidentally.

  According to the estimates given by some fund companies to ST Changsheng, the fund company believes that ST Changsheng ‘s excess may be reduced to zero yuan, which means that fund companies do not have to worry about ST Changsheng ‘s suspension or delisting, or even worry that it willBankruptcy liquidation, so there is a zero yuan valuation.

Initially, ST 3 yuan or more is enough now, and it cannot be said that it is underestimated.

  So, who might pull the limit directly after buying stocks on the limit limit board?

This column guesses that there are three possible forces.

The first is a large investor who previously held a large amount of ST 佛山桑拿网 Changsheng stocks. They could not bear to watch their account a daily limit limit eventually approaching zero.

So risk took the lead in the limit board to open the limit and lure off-market funds into the market to grab a rebound, and then choose the opportunity to sell their holdings.

If it is the old bookmaker’s actions, their merger does not account for the price, and it is their goal to be able to resettle and sell more shares.

  The second possible force is hot money.

They saw that there had been too many limit stops in a row, and the drop was huge. If ST Changsheng showed a certain degree of rebound, it would not trigger the selling pressure of unsettled sets, so they boldly stopped the limit to sweep the goods and then attracted investors to enter the marketSell the stock at a high price to other investors and profit from it.

  The third possibility is the concentrated stalling of retail investors within the market, but this possibility is very low.

After all, for ST Changsheng, who has a huge investment risk, the most urgent thing for investors in the market is to sell the stocks in their hands and leave the market as soon as possible, instead of reducing the losses through additional purchases and seeking to reduce losses or achieve profitability.
  According to the public trading information announced by the exchange on August 30, the total purchase amount of the top five buying seats was approximately 2776 million, while the total amount of the top five selling seats was 9,646 million.

Unobtrusive, behind the “sky floor”, there is a large amount of large-scale capital escape on the market regardless of cost, while small and medium investors outside the market have become the main force of the market.

  From this perspective, ST Changsheng’s “sky floor” is more like a collective escape of large funds, and it is likely to conceal huge investment risks.