Top 10 career rankings most likely to fall in love

Top 10 career rankings most likely to fall in love

1. Consulting company?

Reason for being single: There are more days on the plane than on the ground. I don’t know where tomorrow is today.

  The suitcase is always ready for use.

  2. Accounting firm?

Reasons for being single: There are more women than boys, and overtime work is common.

  3. PR, advertising company?

Reason for being single: I know a lot of people, but very few have turned a working relationship into a lover relationship.

  4. Law firm?

Reason for being single: Lawyers have always been judged to have a low romantic index for the rigor of their professional needs, and women lawyers have made men more afraid.

  5. Fashion designer?

Reason for being single: Good clothing designers are always in a state of “newness”, and it is difficult to maintain long-term passion for old relationships.

  6. Makeup artist, stylist, photographer?

Reason for being single: Where women are piled up, a lot of beautiful women change clothes in front of them, and they don’t feel over time.

Women also think that the men in this industry are too feminine, and too much contact with beautiful women is dangerous.

  7. Website?

Reason for being single: The staff are very young, and girls don’t like boys of the same age.

  8. Reporter, editor?

Reasons for being single: There are many things you think you are in contact with, narcissistic, innocent, and low tolerance.

  9. Showbiz?

The reason for being single: Too rich in emotional life, too much temptation around me.

Too many choices to start.

The notorious one is to keep the single deliberately because of audience support.

  10. Athletes?

Reasons for being single: Gender-separated teams are often closed for training and the circle is too small.