Dead crabs are poisonous, don’t drink beer when you buy them.

Dead crabs are poisonous, don’t drink beer when you buy them.


“In the autumn of September, the crabs are crawling all over the place”, the National Day Golden Week is approaching, and the crabs become translators of visiting relatives and friends.

  Today, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are popular. Due to the wide distribution of waters and suitable water quality, local crabs are also popular in the market, such as Baidang Lake Crab Crab in Wuyang County, Wuhu Crab Crab in Wuhe County, and Susong Crab.Crabs are very popular.

  The crab is delicious and the method of eating is also very particular. In this regard, Mr. Li Zexin, the general agent of Baidang Lake Hairy Crab Hefei, has a recipe to teach.

  Picking: It is very important to spit in the water when it is fresh. Crabs in crabs are very important. Because crabs are dead, the histidine in the body will decompose to produce toxic histamine. Crabs die.The longer the time, the more toxic.

Therefore, to buy crabs must choose to live.

  When picking, gently press the shell surface of the crab’s eye. If the crab eye moves, it will be strong enough; put the finger between the crab claws, such as the crab claw, the crab is strong enough; the crab that leaves the water spits out the foam, is the live crab., you can rest assured to buy.

It is easy to distinguish between male and female, the crab belly is triangular and male, and the round is female.

  However, the real insider can recognize that the female crab has a grayish black fluff on the two cheeks, but only the hair is present, and the remaining legs are smooth; while the eight legs of the male have separate fine hairs such as brushes.

  Cooking: Steaming can keep the original flavor before cooking crabs. You must use water for a while, then use a brush (you can use an old toothbrush) to brush off the crab’s belly, back, and mud.

The family eats crabs. In order to avoid the replacement of the eight feet, the crab yellow is lost. It is best to keep the original taste with steaming.

Li Zexin also introduced that the crabs can be burned before the steaming, that is, when the water is wide open, add ginger and rice wine, and then put the crab tied with the rope into the pot for 2 minutes.

  The hot crab is used to remove the smell of the crab, and to solidify the protein on the surface of the crab, and to entrap the crab yellow to avoid waste.

It should be noted that it is not advisable to put too many crabs in the hot crab to ensure the water temperature of the hot crab.

The last step is to steam the crab in the steamer. When steaming, you need to put the crab belly up and the crab back.

  How to eat: It is also a technique to eat crab and crab in order to eat crab crab first. First, the crab is reversed, the whole navel is pulled off along the side, and then the crab bottom is turned to the sky, so that the crab cover can be easily removed from the back.At this time, the crab paste and crab meat in the crab cover can be eaten hot with a small spoon.

Then use scissors to cut the crab on both sides, cut the front and cut the head, and divide the crab body into two from the middle.

  Eat cautiously: When eating crabs and crabs, it is not advisable to drink beer crabs. Although it tastes delicious, it is cold and moist. It is not suitable for everyone. The body is cold and the skin is susceptible to avoiding it, so as not to cause stomach upset or allergies.
  In addition, crab paste contains high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes, and people should not eat crabs.

It is worth mentioning that when you eat crabs, you can’t match beer, because beer also has cold food.

  If the crab buys enough but wants to keep it fresh, there is a way.

Li Zexin said that the rope can be directly untied and then placed in the freezer of the refrigerator. In the short term, the crab is still alive.