Correct posture, let the little belly go down

Correct posture, let the little belly go down

The small belly is the biggest place to pile up. If you want to highlight your body, let your little belly go down!

Today teach you a few correct yoga poses to make you lose weight again!

  In terms of the accumulation of abdominal adults, yoga believes that if the pelvis is distorted, the internal organs will sag, the weight of the organs in the pelvis will suddenly increase, the metabolism will deteriorate, and the blood circulation will not be smooth, and the organ temperature will be lower than normal.

In order to increase the temperature of the organs, the body will instinctively accumulate a small amount to resist the cold, resulting in a small amount of accumulation in the body, causing annoying complication.

  If you want to determine if your pelvis is distorted, there are a few simple ways: 1. Close your eyes and do a high-lift leg movement.

When the eyes are opened, the foot leaves the initial position, the center of gravity of the pelvis changes in the position to move, the deviation decreases, and the pelvic curvature increases.

  2, after wearing a skirt, the midline position is very fast.

  3, close the eyes of a single leg, it is difficult to grasp the balance.

  4, a side bra strap is easy to slip off.

  The result of any diagnosis, the following actions will allow you to cultivate the correct posture, while letting your stomach dry down unconsciously, and the yoga movement is gentle, do not worry about spraining the pelvis.

  First, the butterfly type 1, sitting on the floor, bending the knees, the two feet are opposite, holding the toes of both feet with both hands.

  2, the back is straight, the knees rhythmically vibrate to the floor on both sides, aiming and pushing the outside of the thigh close to the ground.

  Second, the swan type 1, sitting on the floor, the legs v-shaped open.

  2, the left leg is bent inward, the left foot is pulled close to the perineum, the right leg is naturally bent, and the upper body is turned forward.

  3, the right hand is placed on the upper left, the left hand is wrapped from the back to the right side of the waist, the back is trying to straighten, the body is tilted backwards to become, and the eyes are looking at the right foot.

  4. After 5 deep breaths, change to the other side.

  Third, open and close v type 1, sitting on the floor, legs v-shaped open.

  2, the same side of the hand holding the same side of the foot, both hands at the same time force, lift the feet up, the back straight.

  3, keep a deep breath.

  Fourth, the lotus type 1, stretched, the feet slightly open, but do not exceed the width of the hips, hands folded in front of the chest.

  2, while inhaling, the body slowly squat, must be to the side, the back side tilt, the heel try to close to the perineum, the upper body to stay relaxed.

  After getting up early, before going to sleep, or watching TV, pick a two favorite action, do it a few more times, and slowly you will find the bones of your body bring you surprises.