Who is the overlord of China, Japan and South Korea skin care showdown?


Who is the overlord of China, Japan and South Korea skin care showdown?

Introduction: The development of China’s beauty and skin care industry is still new, but the progress in recent years has indeed seen the development potential of domestic skin care products; while Japanese skin care products have a long tradition and have considerable strength and scale; Korean skin care products are cute and peaceful in appearanceNet prices have attracted many young MMs.

And what are the characteristics of these three skin care products?

Which series is best for you?

Let’s take a look at the beauty skin care features and skin care products of China, Japan, and Korea together!


hzh {display: none; }  中国:  汉方美容是中国古代的发明,现在在世界各地,都得到了很好的应用。Chinese skin care products are so cheap that many people dare not use them.

But in fact, they are benchmarked against other European and American big names to be much safer and milder.

Many foreigners who come to China are bound to find these brands.

These a dozen yuan cosmetics we hate sell for an average of 30-50 dollars abroad.

  Tips: Representatives of domestic products: Herborist, Dabao (acquired by Johnson & Johnson), Mystery, Longliqi Features (1): Hanfang beauty sample: Fritillaria syringae Therapeutic materials: 1 Sydney, Fritillaria 5g, Sea cucumber 8g, Mint 2g,The right amount of rock sugar.

  Method: After washing, peeling and pitting Sydney, put Fritillaria, American ginseng, mint and rock sugar in Sydney, then steam in a clean bowl with water.

  How to use: Take it once in the morning and evening, and you can see the obvious effect after about 1 week.

  Efficacy: It can moisturize the throat and phlegm, clear the body, and has a good effect on skin and obesity caused by constipation.

  Features (2) Low-cost and effective skin-care products The prices of domestic skin-care products are generally not too high. Except for few brands, most of them are cheap skin-care products.

Although these cheap skin care products are fair in price, the effect is not bad.

  Happiness Herbal Peeling Peeling Cream User Rating: ★★★★★ Happiness Herbal Peeling Peeling Cream is one of the most word-of-mouth products in Happiness Herbal Brand. It is mild and non-irritating, and the ability to remove dead skin is easy to rest assured.

The price is low. It only takes 30 yuan to take a large stick of dead skin cream home.

Personally I am very enthusiastic about this product, I have always used this to remove dead skin.

  Herborist Cleansing and Beauty Taichi Mud RMB380 / 290g Netizens Rating: ★★★★ Use experience: Very special concept, the name of Taiji Mu is first cleaned and then moisturized, and black mud is pure and moist.

I have mixed skin and for me it fits perfectly and works very well.

Let’s talk about black mud. Black mud has good cleaning ability, and it is very mild. It also has a slight tingling sensation, but it is very light. After washing it off, you will feel that your skin is clean and your pores will feel clear.I feel less blackheads; later I use white mud, the white mud is a bit like Xinqibai, and it is a bit thick when rubbed on the face. After application, the skin will become white and tender, which is very delicate and white.


hzh {display: none; }  日本女性的妆容讲究精致完美。They are willing to take the time to experience the complicated procedures, and will rigorously and carefully massage every inch of skin, just to be a little bit more beautiful than their peers.

For Japanese women, maintenance is just as natural as breathing.

Therefore, drugstores are as dense as convenience stores, and you can see one in just a few steps.

  Tip: Japanese representatives: DHC, Shu Uemura, Shiseido, Kose, no additions.

  Features (1) Advocating massage Japanese best-selling book “Don’t rely too much on cosmetics” recommends massage techniques to eliminate eye edema. Massage method STEP1: Gently press the temples, then push from the end of the eye to the eye, and then gently touch the brow.

  STEP2: Push your brows in the direction of the temple and reposition the temple again.

  Eliminate dull forehead massage STEP1: Push from the center of the forehead in a two-way direction, and gently insert it to the position of the temple.

  STEP2: Extend down to both sides of the cheek, and finally push it to the collarbone.

  Features (2) The magical effect of medicated makeup Kose Sekkisei lotion RMB480 / 360g Experience: For people like me who are born with dark meat, the effect is super obvious.

And there are many, many acne marks on my face, and it has faded a lot.

Nissan Sekkisei is recommended. The effect is much better than our domestic counter.

And I mentioned earlier that it is not allergic, which means that Nissan is not allergic.

It’s hard to say for domestic ones.Many MMs use snow water to soak the paper film. Personally, I think this is too wasteful. It is recommended to use it as an essence.

Pour a little at a time and massage while watching TV.

  Sana comprehensive score following the natural wind: ★★★★ SANA’s soy milk series are currently attractions on major beauty forums and shopping sites because they are cheap and easy to use.

Founded in 1986, SANA was developed by Japan’s Noevir Corporation.

SANA, which “makes women shine every moment”, takes the route of good quality and low price. Currently, it can be sold in more than 20,000 drugstores in Japan.

  SANA has been focusing on developing the charm of traditional Japanese beauty.

Therefore, in the choice of ingredients, it follows the natural style route, such as soy milk, silk, seaweed, pepper, etc., and the packaging is mostly based on Japanese style, such as traditional Kabuki.

SANA also often introduces limited editions of star products, which has become a hot topic.


hzh {display: none; }  整容已经成为这个国家的标志之一,在年轻女性当中很难找到没动过刀子的人。And South Korea’s cosmetic surgery is considered advanced in the world.

The corresponding rehabilitation care is also perfect.

  Tips: Representatives from the Korean department: LANEIGE, THE FACE SHOP, FREEDAYDAY SKIN, Meng Zhuang, SKIN FOOD, 婵 真, VOV.

  Features (1): Examples of beauty and plastic surgery: Botox injection for skinny legs Injection of botulinum toxins for skinny legs has always been adored by celebrities.

A website reported that Gillian was also injected with botulinum toxin, and the calf circumference was reduced from the original 38 cm to 33 cm in just one month.

  Botox skinny calves need anesthesia, just select a few times in the muscle hypertrophy of the two calves, register it in an appropriate amount, and it can be completed in about 10 minutes.

However, the effect of botulinum toxin paralysis can only last for about half a year. Once the time has passed, reinjection is needed to maintain results.

  Popular index: ★★★★ Features (2): Skincare and moisturizing products are outstanding Every autumn and winter, moisturizing is mentioned on the homepage of skincare. Compared with expensive European and American big names, Korean moisturizing products are much more price-friendly, andThe moisturizing effect is not inferior at all!

  Skin79 Diamond 3D Whitening Brightening Moisturizing BB Cream is rich in vitamin E and pearl powder complex to provide skin moisturizing and antioxidant effects.

Contains plant extracts such as Q10 and wild chrysanthemums to provide nutrients needed by the skin.

The biggest selling point of the new product is that it contains diamond, pearl, ruby and amethyst extracts to give the skin a naturally shiny three-dimensional luster.

  Features: Unique brush design, which can make the product used as basic skin care products and can also be used as brightening and adjusting cream in the make-up process.

  How to use: For full face use, after skin cleansing and toner (toner) is refined, follow the order of cheeks-forehead-nose wings-jaw, and gently push away along the skin texture.

You can then use your hand to pat to promote absorption.

For local lightening, after using the BB cream, gently push away some areas of the bridge such as the bridge of the nose.

  Daily protection of the brush: Turn the brush to separate it from the bottle body, wash with a neutral detergent in the direction of the brush, and then rinse with water.

Wipe gently with an absorbent towel, blow dry, and reinstall it on the bottle.

  Laneige Lock Water Nourishing Sleep Mask RMB197 / 80ml Experience: I have used this mask for 3 years, a star product of this brand.

The moisturizing effect is really good. I basically do it once every 3-5 days. Sometimes I apply it when my face feels a little dry. After washing my face the next morning, I feel very moisturized.

It feels so good!

And, for a whole day, I couldn’t help but touch and touch it!