10 Keys to Preventing Your Baby from Fall

10 Keys to Preventing Your Baby from Fall

The temperature changes significantly in the morning and evening in autumn, and people are susceptible to respiratory infections and diarrhea in autumn.

Infants and young children lack nasal nasal hair, nasal mucosa is soft, nasal blood vessels are abundant, and the body’s immune function is relatively low, more prone to infectious diseases.

Therefore, delicate babies need scientific care especially in autumn.


Reduce access to public places.

At the peak of the epidemic, minimize the need to bring your baby in and out of public places, especially in densely populated and poorly ventilated areas, to reduce exposure to the source of infection.


Add or remove clothing for your baby in a timely manner.


Drink plenty of water.

It would be better to drink plain water.


Do prevention implants.

Oral rotavirus vaccine can be taken in the fall to reduce the incidence of diarrhea in the fall.


Develop your baby’s good hygiene habits.

Including keeping the baby’s nasal cavity, oral cavity, and whole body skin clean, especially to develop good hand-washing habits to keep the baby’s hands clean.


Keep the indoor environment and air clean.

Open windows and ventilate regularly every day, 2?
3 times, each time 20?
30 minutes.


Ensure regular life and adequate sleep.

Your baby’s main daily life includes diet, games, defecation and sleep. If you can arrange it in an orderly manner, it can effectively strengthen your baby’s resistance.


Exercise moderately to strengthen your physique.

Make sure your baby has at least two hours of outdoor activities every day.

For small babies, you can keep touching and passive gymnastics every day.

Older babies, especially children over 4 years old, can start swimming exercises gradually in the summer, because swimming is an ideal exercise to improve the body’s immunity.


Reasonable budget.

When providing expectations for babies, they should be as diverse as possible, with appropriate proportions, regular rations, and proper deployment.

Including ensuring that your baby has enough protein, trace amounts, and absorption of various vitamins and minerals every day.


Create a warm environment.

Creating a warm, harmonious and happy living environment for the baby is also one of the essential conditions for enhancing the baby’s body immunity.