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7 Days Skin Care

The human body faces the severe tests of the external environment and the faster and faster pace of life, including aging, stress, environmental pollution, uneven eating habits, excessive exposure to the sun, etc., all of which affect our skin quality.

Therefore, more and more people choose to go to beauty salons for regular skin care, but for some MMs who often work overtime, where is this American time!

So let’s count down 7 days now and use the daily free time to change the beauty!

  The first day of skin care: strong eye cream + plenty of sleep. As a result of often staying up late, lack of skin, sun exposure and other reasons, “Panda eyes” and small fine lines gradually breed.

The first step is to start with moisturizing, and insist on eye cream replenishment every morning, night and night, and add eye cream with different effects each time to enhance the effect.

Remember to leave behind for a few days like nightlife, bring a steam eye mask, and make up for sleep. The temperature and aroma of the eye mask will not only help sleep but also help blood circulation.

  Skin care points for the next day: Acne whitening + adjusting lifestyle habits The skin is a mirror of the five internal organs, and the generation of acne is mainly related to the internal organs of the internal organs.

Work stress, unhealthy eating habits, etc. can cause acne. We can choose tea tree, eucalyptus and other anti-inflammatory and sterilization products or tea tree first aid sticks to relieve it, and acne marks can help with whitening products.

Adjusting your living conditions and adding some aerobic exercises can effectively help the skin and body detoxify, restore body shape, and show the most energetic state.

  The third day skin care focus: deep cleansing + astringent pores To improve the pore size, first of all, do not prevent the pores from doing a deep cleansing treatment.

If you have a steamer, it is best. If you do n’t have one, you can also use the steam of hot water (be careful not to burn yourself), let the pores open, and remove all the grease and garbage in the pores.
In addition, it is necessary to choose an invisible pore makeup milk before daily makeup.

  The fourth day of skin care key points: the daily ultraviolet radiation of moisturizing spray + hydrating mask, closed office environment, so that our skin can be replaced and dried, it is essential to give the skin a spray in a hurry, just pay attention to wipe immediately after spraying within 30 secondsLose the water, otherwise the skin will be enough to evaporate.

In the evening, you can spend half an episode of foam play, apply a moisturizing and hydrating mask, and use a sleeping mask to fully lock the moisture before going to bed, and the next day you can open your eyes to penetrate the skin.

  The fifth day of skin care highlights: sunscreen isolation + intensive whitening care, dull skin makes people feel sluggish, malnutrition and other bad impressions.

The image you want must be in these days, nourishing and moisturizing in the morning and noon, and intensive whitening treatments at night-facial masks, essences, skin creams are all indispensable, the most important thing is redundantSleep, sleep beautifully!

  The sixth day of skin care points: Moisturizing and hydrating + essential oil massage. The body is composed of 70% moisture, but the sebaceous glands in the body’s skin are 7 times less than the facial skin. In order to prevent water loss, the skin is still moisturized while the pores are opened after bathing.When you apply body milk immediately, the effect is more significant than after one shower.

In addition, you can try many body massage oils, which not only moisturize the skin, but also have a soothing aroma and improve sleep quality.

  The seventh day of skin care focus: intensive hydration + DIY repair care. The final care must not be sloppy. They all say that beauty starts from the “head”. Hair is the small detail that determines your temperament, dry hair, and static electricity.

It’s better to use 15 minutes of simple method to let your hair enjoy a spa treatment, and you can also manage the perfect hair at home.