Citric acid diet to create a skinny alkaline body

Citric acid diet to create a skinny alkaline body

Everyone knows that metabolism is closely related to fat and thin.

Why do people’s metabolism become lower and lower as they age?

It is because the citric acid cycle in the body is reduced, making you an obese body that will eat fat.

  Today, teach you citric diet diet to help you create a lean body.

  The characteristics of citric acid: 1, help the autologous circulation, convert excess nutrients and transformation into heat energy consumption, and metabolize out of the body.

  2, accelerate the citric acid cycle, easily become alkaline.

  3. Promote metabolism and improve physical fitness.

  4. Prevent muscle fatigue after exercise.

  5, to restore vitality.

  Stars also use citric acid to lose weight Song Huiqiao lemonade clearing weight loss method: daily drinking three liters of lemon water basically drink 3 liters of lemonade this weight loss method is quite gentle and safe.

If you are an adult type of obesity, then it will not be too much to lose weight.

  Drinking more water can help the body’s circulation. But if you are a edematous “frozen” person, drinking plenty of water can help the body’s circulation and speed up metabolism.

In addition, lemonade can maintain the health advocated, and the effect of edema is more obvious.

  Suitable for weight loss type: edema type lemonade helps to reduce low appetite and clear the stomach, and maintain the health of the body.

  Known method: Add half a lemon of raw juice to 1 liter of water.

Drink at least 3 liters of lemonade a day.

There is no need to diet or ban snacks, but lemonade must be added at any time.

  With fifteen minutes of exercise every day, you must work with fifteen minutes of exercise every day.

Exercise does not have to be carried out, but it must be exercised to sweat, which helps to eliminate harmful substances in the body.

  Scientific comment: Drinking a glass of lemonade in the morning can both clear the intestines and lose weight, but not eating is not good for health.

People need to consume too much protein, vitamins, various trace elements and appropriate traces and other substances every day, so if lemon water alone is enough to meet the basic nutrition and transformation needs of the human body.

If you really want to achieve weight loss and maintain it for a long time, you should gradually develop an effective and healthy lifestyle.

  Recommendation: Foods containing citric acid have poor circulation of citric acid, which can easily lead to obesity. Let’s take a look at the following foods and let them help you: Lemon slimming principle: Lemon is a kind of fruit rich in vitamin C.Whitening effect, but also weight loss.

Because citric acid in lemon promotes metabolic metabolism, increases intestinal peristalsis, and lemonade also has a thirst-quenching effect, it has long been considered a diet food.

  How to eat: Juice the lemon with a juicer, and drink it before dinner.

  Plum slimming principle: Plum is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and other minerals, as well as citric acid, organic acids.

Citric acid can promote the body’s metabolism, help the digestive organs to be active, and achieve the functions of the whole intestine, stomach, digestion, thirst and thirst.

In addition, the recent consumption of plum fat plum, so plum wine became the favorite natural diet food for love girls.

  How to eat: Dinner with plums instead of two.

  Tomato slimming principle: Tomato vitamins, of which vitamin B group can promote micro-metabolism.

Citric acid and malic acid can eliminate fatigue and strengthen blood vessels.

In addition, it is rich in dietary fiber, and it is easy to have a feeling of fullness, which will cause excess excess to be discharged together.

Lycopene in tomatoes can reduce conversion, reduce a small amount of accumulation, and supplement multivitamins to maintain a balanced body.

At the same time, the sugar content of the tomato is small, the transition is low, only 16 calories per 100 grams, and it will not gain weight when eaten more.

  How to eat: eat on a meal replacement, or infused with tomato juice.

  Fresh lemon 6 kinds of food method makes you thin one, lemon banana slimming tea material: fresh banana, fresh lemon, chrysanthemum 9.

  Method: first warm the cup, then add chrysanthemum and lemon, inject boiling water, cover and soak for five minutes; put the lemon chrysanthemum tea to the residue, put the banana into the tea and soak it in the tea.

  This is a lemon tea that suppresses appetite and loses weight.Once the lemon’s acid and the banana’s cockroach are mixed, it produces a chemical action that can control the high temperature and reduce appetite.

  In addition, bananas are sweet, rich in vitamins, can clear the heat, laxative, hangover; lemon sour, can qi and stomach, phlegm and cough, pain, sterilization, lower blood lipids; chrysanthemum has a refreshing effect.

  Lemon is a nutritious fruit of vitamin C, which is generally used as a beauty food.

In fact, the substances contained in the lemons, after reasonable blending, are still very effective weight-loss substances.

It can make you enjoy the delicious taste of lemon and make you a beautiful woman with beautiful appearance and body.

  Second, lemon kelp slimming tea take 100 grams of fresh kelp, washed with a knife scratch, placed in the clear water in a stainless steel cup, then add 100 grams of fresh lemon juice to boil, after cooling, you can add a small amount of rock sugar.

  Kelp contains iodine, which can promote the secretion of thyroxine and increase metabolism. Lemon juice can relax and soften blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, or supplement metabolic digestion.

This can eliminate the accumulation of subcutaneous fistula, to achieve weight loss purposes, the amount of reset can be determined, but not suitable for regular consumption.

  Third, lemon kelp takes 100 grams of fresh lemon juice, 100 grams of fresh seaweed, wash the kelp with a knife cut, put 180 grams of water, soak in a stainless steel cup, boil for 1 hour, let cool, can be appropriateAdd some rock sugar.

  Because kelp contains iodine, it can promote the secretion of thyroid hormone and improve the body’s metabolism.

Lemon juice relaxes blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, and promotes digestion and digestion.

This will eliminate the accumulation of excess subcutaneous sputum in the body and achieve weight loss.

The combined amount is discretionary, but it should not be replaced frequently.

  Fourth, lemon mead, take 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, add some amount of brandy.

Sleeping in the evening can help you fall asleep, improve your sleep quality, and help you to improve your body and lose weight.

  Five, natural lemonade diet lemonade can quench your thirst and dilute the desire to eat, so it can effectively inhibit improper diet, plus a total of 15 minutes of exercise a day, the effect will be very significant.

This weight-loss method is now the most popular in Japan, and it can achieve weight loss by operating at home, so it is called “housewife”-style drinking and dieting method, which is very effective.

  The weight loss method is as follows: 1. Add one half of lemon juice to one liter of water and put it in the refrigerator. The temperature is easy to have a cool and refreshing feeling.

  2, drink at least three liters of lemonade a day, do not need special diet or ban snacks, but must always add lemonade.

  3, must cooperate with the daily 15 minutes of exercise, do not have to continue, disperse time can also perspire, in order to eliminate harmful substances in the body.

  Warm Tips: It is best to drink in the morning and in the morning. It is easy to run the toilet at night, affecting sleep, and there will be eye bags the next morning.

  Six, lemon vinegar An edible vinegar, with the effect of weight loss beauty.

The lemon is durable and easy to store. It is rich in vitamin C. It can prevent redness and swelling of the gums, and even reduce the incidence of dark spots and freckles, and some whitening effects.

Lemon peel is also rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the desired results, it is best to have the most nutritious juice.

  Lemon and vinegar also have the effect of losing weight. It seems that lemon vinegar can really be a beauty and can be said to be a healthy food.

If you drink a small cup after a meal, you can make yourself more energetic, refreshed and more beautiful.

But the acidity of lemon and vinegar is very high, too much to drink on an empty stomach will hurt the stomach, try not to be careful.

  Lemon vinegar has always been a small recipe for folklore.

But what exactly is the way to make lemon vinegar!

I believe many people are still confused, don’t worry!

Let us fully understand today, as long as the appropriate weight loss effect can not be ignored.

  Production method: 1, buy a beautiful lemon 10 pounds.

  2, go home and wash the lemon and drain.

  3, buy 10 kg of rock sugar and glutinous rice vinegar.

  4. Purchase a glass container with a larger capacity.

(To the general hardware line, buy 20 containers) 5, cut the lemon head and tail, cut into thin slices.

(The lemon must be completely dry and can’t have moisture, so it can be sliced, otherwise it will break.) 6. Put the cut lemon slices into a glass container.

  7, then add rock sugar and glutinous rice vinegar.

  8, then close the cap and eat it for about 3 months.  The above production method can be changed according to the amount of lemon. Generally speaking, it is a pound of lemon with a pound of glutinous rice vinegar and a pound of rock sugar.

You can make it to your liking.

In principle, it is necessary to soak for 3 months before eating, and must add rock sugar. It is better to lose weight without hurting the stomach.

  The method of drinking lemon vinegar: it must be replaced by water. In principle, water is added, about 10 times of lemon vinegar, the ratio is 1:10, it will be better to drink.