Two misunderstandings must be known when seeing a doctor

Two misunderstandings must be known when seeing a doctor

Now when I talk about Chinese medicine, I always feel a little bit wrong. I have listened more. I find that there are two big mistakes in modern Chinese when watching Chinese medicine. The two points are the same as most people before I studied Chinese medicine.Both misunderstandings are well-known to both women and children, and are deeply ingrained.

  Misunderstanding 1: Traditional Chinese medicine can only be adjusted to see that chronic diseases are good. When encountering acute diseases, you still need to see western medicine.

  Imagine, which medicine can develop by looking at chronic diseases?

Western medicine is impossible, and Chinese medicine is impossible!

  Medicine originated from the needs of primitive people. Regardless of emergencies, how to treat chronic diseases that do not hinder life temporarily? How is it possible?

Look at the ancient Chinese medicine prescriptions. There are a lot of treatments for acute diseases. Do you still need to imitate them?

  Traditional Chinese medical herbs are becoming less and less effective in the treatment of emergencies, especially in large cities.

I heard about it in the classroom. In the province, a migrant worker suddenly shed water. For more than two days, he was already weak. If he didn’t go to the clinic, he would be dehydrated.

Helplessly accompanied by his foreman to the province, the doctor (a teacher of Southern Chinese Medicine) asked his hospital to hang water (this kind of situation is said to have to hang water for treatment, otherwise the problem is the responsibility of the doctor).Yuan, it is difficult to pay, out of responsibility, the doctor cannot agree and cannot let it go.

The migrant worker begged hard and announced that he would prescribe cheap medicine for him, and that he would die!

Finally, the doctor asked him to write down a guarantee (the certificate is required by me) and prescribe a few Chinese medicine prescriptions (Gegen Qinlian Decoction).

A few days later, the migrant worker came to thank him, and the medicine was cured!

  If the migrant worker is not able to bear the medical expenses, how can the doctor dare to use only Chinese herbal medicine for treatment?

  Another example is the high fever in the early stage of large-page pneumonia. One night’s high fever can be retreated by the method of Jing Fang Cheng Qi Decoction “pumping the bottom of the kettle”.

But does anyone dare to use it?

  Misunderstanding 2: Western medicine has intermediates, while traditional Chinese medicine has no intermediates.

  Looking at this sentence now, it is really a jerk in the world, ridiculous that I thought so.

  Pan Jinlian poisoned Wu Dalang with Chinese medicine arsenic.

The poison of arsenic is well known.

  It is reported that the grandson of an old Chinese doctor felt cold, and he was cast in Guizhi Decoction without further consultation. He died of irritability after one hour.

The development of Chinese medicine for thousands of years, constantly gaining experience in practice, every stroke is blood and tears. Who can say that there is no substitute for traditional Chinese medicine, you can let pregnant women try Sanlang, Curcuma, and safflower!