Women need some male girlfriends to be gentle is the preferred condition

Women need some male girlfriends to be gentle is the preferred condition

A woman needs some male girlfriends. A gentle personality is the preferred condition. Maybe every woman needs a man in his life: he is not your ordinary friend, because you have almost nothing to talk about.

He is not your lover, you feel like friends, brothers, sisters or loved ones to each other.

As long as you are willing, he can accompany you to shop until your legs are soft, and he can also accompany you to swim in Tianming. When desperate and helpless, the first person you think of is often him.

He is your confidante.

In other words, he is your “male girlfriend”. In the online survey of “some kind of man is suitable to be a” male girlfriend “,” Cai Kangyong style “and” Zhang Guorong style “have become the most popular choices.

They share common traits: gentle personality, delicate mind, and a little feminine tendency.

From a psychological point of view, men who are a little feminine tend to have a more delicate mind and a better understanding of women than ordinary men, which also makes the communication between men and women more tacit.

When you quarrel with your boyfriend and feel that your female friend doesn’t understand you, “male girlfriends” can just become the object you want to talk to most.

He can help you understand your boyfriend’s thoughts and positions from a male perspective, and he can analyze the problem more rationally.

Another benefit of getting along with “male girlfriends” is that they won’t be as sensitive or jealous as female friends, nor will they like jealousy compared with female friends.

Many topics and “male girlfriends” to avoid with female friends can speak freely.

Compared with the lover you face every day, the friendship of “male girlfriends” is a special existence, and it is a piece of pure land where you can “remove the camouflage”.

Smart women will understand that with regard to “male girlfriends”, it is easy to fall in love with one step forward, and one step back may be the same.

We must know how to cherish each other and respect each other in order to grasp this emotion well, and friendship can last forever!