Experts teach you how to properly choose proprietary Chinese medicines

Experts teach you how to properly choose proprietary Chinese medicines

Chinese patent medicine uses Chinese medicine decoction pieces as raw materials, and under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory, it is made into certain dosage forms according to prescribed prescriptions and standards.

Traditional working people have a long history of using proprietary Chinese medicines to treat diseases and are rich in content.

Due to the convenient use of proprietary Chinese medicines, they are not only used by doctors, but also welcomed by the general public.

The characteristics of proprietary Chinese medicines are briefly described below.

  After the Chinese medicine is made into a medicine, it does not need to be cooked like a decoction when it is taken. It can be taken immediately, which is quite convenient for patients.

The amount of traditional Chinese medicine is generally less than that of decoction pieces, which can save a lot of medicinal materials.

The proprietary Chinese medicines are small in size and easy to transport and carry.

There are many dosage forms of proprietary Chinese medicines, which can adapt to the characteristics of different drug prescriptions and also facilitate the application of different ways.

  In order to replace traditional Chinese medicine correctly, it is necessary to have a preliminary understanding of the principles of dialectical evidence of traditional Chinese medicine. It is helpful to the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, to treat symptoms and to use precautions.

For example, a cold patient may be afraid of cold and fever, and the cold may be more obvious, such as a runny nose, thin white tongue coating, and white urine. This is a cold and cold.Symptoms such as yellow color, thin yellow tongue coating, and wind and cold.

The former is wind chill, and should be used in the proprietary Chinese medicines.

Not only is it invalid, it can also be harmful.

  That is to say, to replace Chinese patent medicine to treat diseases, we must first differentiate syndromes, and on the basis of clear syndrome differentiation, substitute appropriate Chinese patent medicine for treatment.

For example, Yinqiao Jiedu Pill, which is commonly used in clinical practice, is Xinliang Jiediao, which is the most suitable for treating wind-heat and cold.

If it is a cold or cold, using Yinqiaojiedu pill has no effect.

In addition, pay attention to the effectiveness of various proprietary Chinese medicines, points of use, and so on.

  In summary, in order to make Chinese patent medicines work better, they must be combined with the principle of syndrome differentiation and differentiation of diseases, replacing traditional Chinese medicines suitable for the condition, and taking them in accordance with the law to improve the clinical efficacy of Chinese medicines.