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The coltsfoot flower that warms the lungs and relieves cough.
In the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine, the use rate of butterbur flower is very high, and it is most suitable for cough with lung deficiency and cough with phlegm.
  Lily winter flower drink 30-60 grams of lily, 10-15 grams of butterbur flower, moderate sugar.
Put the two medicines in the same casserole, add water for half an hour, and cook twice for 20 minutes each time.
After the two juices are combined, add rock sugar, and drink water to eat lilies.
Suitable for cough in autumn and winter, dry throat and sore throat, sputum may be seen, and bronchitis and asthma can be used as adjuvant treatment.
  Winter Flower Tea Coltsfoot flowers 10 grams, green tea 1 grams, asters 6 grams, and licorice 5 grams.
Put the medicine in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, fry for 10 minutes after boiling, filter the juice, take an appropriate amount of honey, take 1 serving daily.
It has the effect of warming the lungs and relieving cough, and is suitable for cough of tuberculosis and asthma.
  Clearing heat and cough are Chuanbei Chuanbei taste bitter sweet, slightly cold, can clear the heat and moisten the lungs, phlegm and cough, can treat the lungs have dry heat, cough sputum is less and sticky, and yin deficiency and dry cough.
Chuanbei is contained in the proprietary Chinese medicine Qiuli pear cream, Chuanbei Lulu, Yangyin Qingfei Pill, and Shedan Chuanbei oral solution.
  Chuanbei stewed pear 5 grams of Chuanbei and 1 Sydney.
First cut the pear into a lid, remove the pear core, add the crushed Chuanbei powder, cover the lid, and place in a small bowl.
Add water and steam in basket.
Drink soup and eat pears and Chuanbei, 1-2 per day.
This is a well-known cough medicine, you can add honey when eating.
  Autumn pear tincture 1000 grams of Sydney, butterbur, lily, Ophiopogon, Chuanbei 30 grams each, rock sugar 50 grams, honey 200 grams.
Shred the medicine, add water to fry the thick juice, remove the residue, mix the pear, rock sugar, and honey, and fry over low heat to form a paste.
Take 20 grams each time, twice a day.
Suitable for dry cough and phlegm, or those with lung yin deficiency with blood in sputum.
  Cough and phlegm Sang Xing Yin drink Almonds are divided into bitter and sweet. The medicine used is bitter almond.
Bitter almond cures cough, but it is toxic and should not be eaten more. Sweet almond is bigger and flatter than bitter almond.
Sweet almonds are cooked. Chew 7 to 10 capsules every morning and night, or smashed with white sugar. Take it with water and take it twice a day. It can treat weak lungs, cough in the elderly, dry cough without sputum.
  Mulberry drink 10 grams of mulberry leaves, 5 grams of almonds, 5 grams of ginseng, 3 grams of shellfish, 15 grams of pear skin, 3 grams of rock sugar.
Replace water with tea and drink it frequently.
Suitable for dry cough without sputum, or wind sputum that is not easy to cough and hurt lungs.