Women cannot ignore skin signal light _1

Women cannot ignore skin “signals”

Our body is not an inexhaustible energy storehouse, everyone should pay attention to their own health, especially for weak women.
But many times, even if you are a smart woman, you ignore some “signals” that remind you of health, such as skin.
In fact, the skin is by no means a simple package for your musculoskeletal bones, but a mirror of women’s health: your skin seems to turn gray on days of depression, and after a full holiday, your skin also becomesThere are acne clusters; when you are busy with irritable work, wrinkles appear in the corners of your eyes . You can find these weaknesses through the skin, so that you can take special care to improve your health coefficient.
  皱纹——显示你紧张  和同年人比起来,你看上去要大3~5岁,不是因为肥胖或者脱发,而是因为坚硬的线条,不是那种浅碎的小细纹,而是深刻的,Deep lines embedded in muscles.
The cause of your wrinkles is tension, which consumes many nutrients required for life activities, slows down cell vitality and metabolism, and the skin will appear dull and lack elasticity, and wrinkles will be more easily revealed.
Sometimes, muscle tension in the state of psychological stress will also accelerate the generation of wrinkles.
  Eliminate wrinkles: 1, diet.
Eat carrots and milk more often. Carrots can keep the skin moist and delicate. The large amount of carotene in it helps maintain the normal function of skin cell tissues, reduce skin wrinkles, stimulate skin metabolism, and keep the skin moist and delicate.
And milk is the skin’s favorite food at night.
It can improve skin cell activity, delay skin aging, enhance skin tension, and eliminate small wrinkles.
  2. Massage.

Apply the moisturizer or massage cream evenly on the face and neck, and gently rub it with your hand for one minute to create a slight heat sensation.
Then, put the thumb and middle finger of one hand on the temples on both sides, and gently press for two minutes until you can feel the pulse; then gently massage from the bottom up, not over the hairline!
Immediately afterwards, continue to use your ring finger of both hands to make a circular motion, and massage very gently on the top and bottom of the eyes, always from the inside to the outside, for two minutes.
  3. Give psychological relaxation.
The inertial work of the brain most easily puts your body into a stiff state.
When your brain reluctantly works after fatigue, your expression and body will have some habitual deformation. In this way, your shoulders, neck and lumbar spine will easily hurt and strain, and your face will also leave a lot of profoundWrinkles, especially habitual movements such as frowning and pinching the mouth, are particularly harmful to the facial features.
Learn to move around 40 minutes of work, climb stairs, and move around all parts of your body.
  雀斑——显示你缺爱  未经日晒或者妊娠,你也过了青春期,你所处的城市也非紫外线超标地区,但是暗褐色的小斑点还是出现在你的脸上,并且超出了鼻翼两Side range.
The cause of freckles is that your female hormones are not secreted enough, and the melanin cells are too active, so the pigment is deposited under the dermis layer, and small spots appear.
When your heart lacks caring, the function of paranephric corticosteroids will decline, so the skin will lose its resistance, it is easy to produce macules, and it is easy.
Freckles appear and facial pigmentation lesions occur in severe cases.
  Eliminate freckles: 1, diet.
Eat more sweet potatoes and black sesame. They are rich in fiber and vitamins, which can reduce brown spots and freckles.
If you regularly drink sweet potato sesame soup, the effect is better.
The specific method is: peel the sweet potato, cut into 3 cm strips and put in water.
Then, put the butter in a pan and warm it, fry the onion over medium heat, add sweet potatoes, and fry until translucent.
Then, pour the fried sweet potatoes and onions into the stockpot and cook on a weak medium heat. When the sweet potatoes become soft, take out a small portion for decoration, and mash the rest in a container. Add milk,Salt and pepper.
Finally, pour into the container and place the sweet potatoes and black sesame for decoration.
  2. Try to find love.
The best way to find love is to find a beautiful woman to make friends with. There are usually a lot of followers around a beautiful woman, and your social presence will also increase. There must be some people who appreciate you, for example, he found your unique flash.
But don’t start a relationship blindly, it will be counterproductive.
  Adult acne-showing you are upset Although puberty has long passed and you are married, acne has never stayed away from you.
Your estrogen always floats up and down and never gives the body a measure of adaptation.
The reason is that your psychological stress promotes the activity of the sebaceous glands and makes the skin oily.
Poor sleep can cause your skin to lack a new chance to thoroughly vomit.
In addition, a restless life can upset your mind and cause endocrine disorders.
Working together for three reasons, your skin problems continue.   Eliminate adult acne: 1, diet.

Eat more kelp. Kelp is an alkaline food rich in minerals. Frequent eating can adjust blood pH and prevent excessive oil secretion from the skin. Eat broccoli, which is rich in vitamin a, vitamin c and carotene.Can enhance skin elasticity and help relieve adult acne.

  2. Learn to meditate.

Frankly speaking, you will not cause acne because of improper use of cosmetics, and it is difficult to make acne problems better by using the correct cosmetics.

Learning to meditate may be more effective for you: you can imagine your body rising, floating in the blue sky, at that time there is a huge crystal ball in the sky, which is constantly emitting cool energy, and your body is movingAccept this energy constantly.

  Obscure Darkness-One shows that you are depressed and your bladder has no problems. There are no acne, freckles, sebum or wrinkles. It just looks like a vitality.

The entire face does not have a light of life, and the black and white eyeballs seem to be unclear, and the lip color is not bright enough.

There is no doubt that your body is sub-healthy or unhealthy.

Without a clear cause, a depressed life may be the cause of your bad complexion.

With reduced appetite, reduced activity, and shortness of breath, your metabolism slows down.

  Improve complexion: 1, diet.

Eat more honey.

It can keep the skin rosy and shiny, because honey is known as “the most perfect nutrition food in nature”. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins and sugars that are easily absorbed by the human body. Nutrition is comprehensive and rich. Regular food can make the skin rosy and tender,Shiny.

  2. Massage.
Use a towel to absorb facial moisture, scoop a spoonful of table salt, pour it into the palm of your hand, add hot water to form a concentrated solution, and then apply the solution to the face (except the eyes) like a cleansing milk, and gently massage in circles (handThe strength must be light, because some salt crystals may not be fully dissolved, and the skin will be scratched if you apply more force. After 30 seconds, wash with water.

After washing, you will find that your face is exceptionally clean and fresh, and salt can make your skin delicate and smooth.