How can mobile phone dependence be relieved?

How can mobile phone dependence be relieved?

Mobile phones, as an advanced communication tool, are becoming more and more popular due to their convenience and speed. They have been transformed into a growing group of “mobile phone families”, a modern mental illness caused by excessive dependence on mobile phones-mobile phone dependenceThe disease also quietly appeared.

Miss Shi is a corporate propaganda of a cultural company. Due to the nature of her work and the need to extend contact with external parties, her mobile phone has become her inseparable “assistant”, and she uses her mobile phone far more frequently than others.

Due to her outstanding work performance, Ms. Shi was promoted to a management position to serve in the military administration.

The change in the nature of work has suddenly reduced the number of phone calls. Ms. Shi, who has always been very enthusiastic about her work, began to feel very worried, depressed, and depressed. From time to time, she took out the phone to see if there were missed calls, and she often called othersAs if her cell phone was ringing, even her temper became irritable, and she often got angry somehow.

过 Excessive pressure is the main reason what makes Miss Shi ‘s mood change so much?

Feng Bolin, president of the Chinese Social Psychological Association, believes that Miss Shi ‘s performance is typical of “mobile phone dependence.”

Feng Bolin explained that modern society is under heavy work pressure, interpersonal communication is gradually increasing, and information is updated and circulated quickly. These reasons have led mobile phones to become the focus of most people ‘s work and life. Mobile phones have in fact occupied a very important part of these people ‘s hearts.Once the mobile phone is out of power or the frequency of incoming calls suddenly decreases, mood swings such as worry, irritability, depression and other symptoms occur.

  Introverted personality is easier to obtain According to statistics from relevant departments, China is the country with the largest number of mobile phones in the world.

In spring?

Xun, especially the white-collar workers who are pursuing fashion, often replace mobile phones or have more than one mobile phone, which is the most concerned group of mobile phones.

Coupled with high work pressure and relatively distorted mobile phones, the incidence of this type of psychological discomfort among white-collar workers is also increasing.

In addition, some people with introverted personality and lack of self-confidence are the high-incidence people infected with “mobile phone dependence”.

These people often have a small social circle and few friends. They do not want to communicate with the outside world but are not proactive. They can only use mobile phones to resolve loneliness and prove their existence.

Still others show their working hours to others by answering the phone, thus proving their social nature and satisfying their vanity.

  Another manifestation of “mobile phone dependence” is the excessive use of mobile phones for communication, such as: where you can easily reach within a few steps, but you must use mobile phones to communicate; when you are waiting, you always call your mobile phone alternatelyWhere the other person is, if they do n’t fight, they are anxious.

People with severe “mobile phone dependence” will experience numbness in their hands and feet, palpitations, dizziness, sweating, and gastrointestinal disorders.

  Adjusting life can alleviate Feng Bolin said that “mobile phone dependence” is a modern mental illness that changes the lifestyle changes of modern people. As long as you can face it, you can avoid or alleviate this symptom by adjusting your life in some way.

  People who rely on mobile phones because of the change in the nature of work are actually the interruption of communication desire caused by the sudden disappearance of some fixed communication objects.

Such people can rebuild their own social circle in life, take part in some social activities in their free time, and meet with a few regular friends regularly to resolve depression and make themselves adapt to the new environment and work as soon as possible.

If you are habitually dependent on mobile phones, you should actively talk to people in real life, read more books, read newspapers, gradually reduce the number of times you use mobile phones through self-discipline, and strive to focus your life on mobile phones.Transfer.

If objective conditions permit, it is best to participate in some beneficial physiological activities, such as: listening to music, going for a walk, outings, fitness, etc.

If you are overly dependent on your phone, you should see a psychiatrist to avoid affecting your normal life and work.

  Quiz: Are you worried about whether you have “mobile dependence” if you use your phone regularly?

Then do a little test!

If more than half of the following questions are answered in the affirmative, then you are likely to have “mobile phone dependence”, so you must be careful: 1.

Do you always keep your phone on your body and feel upset if you do n’t bring it?


When the ringtone does not ring every second, will you feel uncomfortable and take a subconscious look at the phone for missed calls?


Do you always have the illusion of “My mobile phone ringing”, and even often use someone else’s mobile phone ringing as if your own phone is ringing.


When answering a call, do you often feel that the radiation wave of the mobile phone is surrounded by your ear?


Do you often look for your phone subconsciously and take out your phone from time to time to see it?


Are you often afraid of the phone turning off automatically?


Do you keep your phone on at night?
When the mobile phone is often out of line and cannot receive the signal, will you feel worried and weak, and your temper will become irritable?


Are there symptoms of numbness in hands and feet, palpitations, dizziness, sweating, and gastrointestinal disorders?