Find a road companion to work today

Find a road companion to work today

The day before yesterday, Zhang Ying and Kang Xumei, who liked to walk to work, finally met for the first time at the back door of Xinhua Park. Since then, the two will accompany each other while commuting.

  Quietly, Rongcheng emerged to walk to work-there are cars that do n’t drive, sell private cars to walk, do n’t crowd buses, do n’t ride electric cars . they feel nervous about driving and do n’t enjoy; they turn walking into fitness exercises; they are walkingThey think about problems; they think they are environmentally friendly; they witness daily changes in Rongcheng, and they go with strangers.

In a hurry day after day, they make new friends and ease the stress.

  They were “trodden” by the favorite fashionable Chengdu people.

  News story The day before yesterday, they found their companions “walking class” Zhang Ying and Kang Xumei both lived near Xinhua Park and went to work near Wangfujing. However, before the afternoon of the previous day, they had walked by themselves and never met.

  Zhang Ying told reporters the afternoon before: “Find a companion to walk to and from work, the road will become shorter . I did not expect that I really found such a like-minded companion!

“Because both people have a common walking hobby, the place of residence, and the units are adjacent, so, introduced by a friend, the day before yesterday, they met at the back door of Xinhua Park for the first time.

Zhang Ying and Kang Xumei, who met for the first time, did not feel strange at all, like friends who have known each other for a long time.

  Zhang Ying worked in military finance for a company near Wangfujing. He dealt with numbers and computers every day. He sat in the office continuously, his face was dark yellow, and his lumbar muscles were strained.

In order to force herself to exercise at higher work intervals, she started walking to work 5 months ago, walking for 1 hour each time.

  Kang Xumei is about the same age as Zhang Ying, and works as a finance manager for a company in Yanshikou.

With the encouragement of my friends, I joined the “walkers”, “I persisted for a year, and my friends said that I became younger and my mood was getting better and better!”

“” After a busy day, I was a bit tired after work. As a companion, we chatted along the way. The fatigue was unknowingly eliminated, and I felt that time was passing fast. I also made a new friend.

“At first sight, Zhang Ying and Kang Xumei were very happy. They talked about their experiences and experiences of walking to work.

Kang Xumei said that she was weak in the past and often suffered from minor illnesses and pains. Listening to the elderly, walking is the best way to aerobic fitness.

In order to improve her physical fitness, she joined the “walker class” with the encouragement of her friends. I did not expect that this step would be more than a year.

Now she still remembers going to work on the first day-“Wearing professional clothes, high heels, and carrying a heavy leather bag, just half an hour after walking, the muscles of the whole body began to hurt, and the feet were blistered.I want to go home.

It can’t be abandoned halfway on the first day!

“Kang Xumei later changed into cloth shoes bought at a roadside shop, and she felt that” the pace was immediately brisk and the home was getting closer. ”

“Zhang Ying said:” The first month of walking was a hurdle. It is easy to lose halfway because of the habit of getting up early and the foot pain caused by walking.

But it’s okay to pass this level. It’s really uncomfortable not to go any day now!

“From then on, they will go with their new friends and taste the pain and joy of walking together.

  The reporter found in the interview that Rongcheng’s “walking class” is no longer a minority. They quietly appeared, “latent” around us. The number of them and the wide range of industries involved were unexpected.

Although some people have a car in their unit, they only use the car when they are in the office and walk on and off.

They walk and think about problems and relax.

Some people start entirely from their own health. They have no special time to exercise, and they completely consider walking as a kind of exercise. The more they walk, the healthier they become.

Other “walkers” are unwilling to walk lonely, or meet a companion and talk while walking, making the journey to work a special place for communication.

  Happy walking 1 Car put away while walking to work Yao Yi: Male, 37 years old, working in the communications industry. He is a project manager of his unit. The unit has a car installed for him, but he only uses it during working hours.On the way to and from work, he left his car and became a “worker” for three years.

  Walking route: He lives in Erxian Bridge, and his unit is in Jiangxi Street. He likes to walk along the scenic Jinjiang River.

  Walking time: Reasons for walking about 2 hours on one side: “Why drive a car home?

Walk back like this and watch the surrounding scenery while walking; besides, the exhaust of cars will pollute the city and it will be environmentally friendly to walk!

Mr. Yao told reporters that on a breezy evening three years ago, he suddenly changed his habit of driving to work.

After work that day, several colleagues walked home together, because there were too many people to take his car, everyone let him walk home together.

The weather was very good that day, they walked all the way across the Jinjiang River and talked. They had a very enjoyable conversation and walked very easily. Unconsciously, he arrived home.

“Yes, why do you have to drive home?

It’s so nice to walk back like this and watch the surrounding scenery while walking!

Besides, the pollution of the car exhaust to the city is obvious, and it is environmentally friendly to walk!

“Since that day, Mr. Yao has joined the ranks of” walkers. “At the beginning, he felt that the two-hour walk was really a bit laborious, and sometimes he went straight, but he insisted on it every day, and he felt fun in doing it.

When you walk, you do n’t need to concentrate as much as you do when you drive. You can think about the work you are going to face on the way to work, and you can summarize the gains and losses of the day on the way to work.

There are many things that are usually overlooked, and become clear in my mind when walking.

  ”Walk along Jinjiang because the scenery is good, the air is good, and the mood is good!

“Mr. Yao went to his destination every day. It took two and a half hours to slow down and two hours soon, but he was happy.

He said he felt better than before when he was a “walker.”

  Happy Walking 2 Sell the car, walk away the beer belly, walk the class Wang Bo: Male, 34 years old, work in a bank near Xiyulong Street.

He is a typical “worker”, and his “worker” has been around for two years.

He said that his beer belly was getting smaller and smaller, and his figure gradually recovered.

  Walking route: Between Chadianzi and Xiyulong Street.

  Walking time: Reasons for walking about 1 hour on one side: “I’m already nervous when I’m at work.

When driving, driving on, the roadside will suddenly rush out a person, scaring himself to jump out.

“Along the way, he often thinks of things that he usually forgets and ignores.

  Wang Bo, however, sold his car and joined the class of “walkers”!

  Two years ago, Wang Bo’s family bought a car because of business, and he drove to work when the business was not busy.

On the surface he looks chic, but in fact he doesn’t enjoy it.

He said that Chengdu’s traffic is generally crowded, especially during commuting hours from home to the city center. It is painful to step on the brakes and feet; when driving, the road suddenly rushes out of a personIt scared me to jump out.
Driving a dart car, Wang Bo felt very nervous and had no fun.

Coupled with the light business at home, he simply sold the car.

When he just sold the car, he tried to take a bus to work, and the transportation car was crowded during the rush hour, which made him very upset.

So he simply joined the “walkers.”

  After becoming a “walker,” Wang Bo also walked out of “taste.”

Wang Bo is doing financial work. He can’t afford to be careless in doing this job. He is very nervous at work.

After work, instead of driving, he felt completely relaxed.

Along the way, he often thinks of things that he usually forgets and neglects, some kind of childhood dreams, some kind of life planning, and so on.

Thinking about this, and then looking at his life now, he found that he was living more and more awake, and his mentality was getting better.

Another small gain is that the beer belly is getting smaller and smaller, and the figure gradually recovers.

  Experts suggest that walking properly is good for health. “Walking to work and going to work every day is certainly more active and more relaxed than driving.

“Yesterday, Hu Mingjian, director of orthopedics and sports medicine expert of Chengdu Second Hospital talked with reporters about the benefits of walking to the body.

Dr. Hu said that walking is an aerobic exercise, and it has an exercise effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Less exercise alone can cause osteoporosis, while walking can increase bone density in the spine and lower limbs, prevent osteoporosis, and make joints more flexible.

  Hu Mingjian said that everyone’s work in modern society has a fast pace of life. For their own health, everyone must take time to exercise.

People who often drive to work are better off taking time to walk or swim.

For those who can’t afford time to exercise, walking to work is a good exercise method.

Kind reminder Notes for walkers It is important to point out here that it is not advisable to walk on an empty stomach, it is not advisable to overeat for breakfast, it is best to walk half an hour after breakfast, patients with coronary heart disease and angina should not walk long distances.

  At the same time, Dr. Hu reminded “workers” to grasp the degree of exercise.

It is advisable for people to walk for half an hour. It is not good for more than an hour, and the body will feel tired.

Another thing is to pay attention to walking speed, if the pulse rate is 100?
Between 120 times, that’s moderate.

Less than 100 times means insufficient exercise, and more than 120 times will cause injury to the body.
  If you intend to join the ranks of “walkers” for a long time, the following equipment is irreplaceable.
Flat shoes — intend to walk to work for a long time, especially if the walking distance is extended, it is best to choose flat shoes, it is important to have a pair of comfortable shoes.

Antiperspirant deodorant and sunscreen for summer use-this guarantees freshness at work and protects the skin.

Face-washing supplies or wipes — When you arrive at the unit, first wash your face or wipe off the dust with a wet wipe to keep it tidy.

  After editing, we all know that life lies in motion.

However, we are worried because more and more people are getting fatter; we are also worried because some of us are getting thinner and thinner due to work exhaustion.

We want to make ourselves healthier, but we don’t have time to go to the gym.

Well, we started to walk, so that we don’t have to arrange time to do aerobics, or feel the boringness of the fitness equipment.

Take full advantage of commuting time to walk, you can watch the streets and trees, or watch the sunrise, or enjoy the afterglow of the setting sun, feel the changing environment, and relax yourself during walking.

If more people can use driving instead of driving, these cities will cause pollution of vehicle emissions at the boundary. If more people use driving instead of driving, the traffic pressure will be less and the roads will be smoother.

  Today we are publishing this group of reports to show the healthy lifestyle of modern Chengdu people, and also hope that more people will benefit from it, enjoy sports and enjoy health.

  You can make friends while walking and even find a confidant who will never forget in your life. What are you hesitating about?

Practice it yourself and find your happiness in walking!