5 ways to recover from betrayal


5 ways to recover from betrayal

Being schemed can shake you completely.

When the wound is caused by someone who works with you, whether at work, in church, or in a volunteer organization, it can damage your reputation, hinder your productivity, damage important relationships, and even threaten youlife.

  This may affect your health, says Allen Medical, MD, director of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Severe, anger, depression, and stress can cause serious physical illnesses, including headaches, problems with the asthma tract, high blood pressure, and high blood pressure.

  Betrayal is a natural part of working relationships.

  Many offenses are unintentional, and based on the current overall study, which was conducted by Reiner of the Trust Building Institute for more than 15 years.

For example, the opinions of many organizations are discussed, broken down, and refined, making it difficult to remember where the idea originally came from.

“You really can’t avoid secret calculations, but you can proactively solve problems by being aware of it.

“Here are some tips.

  Stay professional, even when you work in a club or church.

  ”Smartly exchange ideas with others,” Thomas said.

Dr. Feng Na, a psychologist and professional consultant in Los Angeles.

“But keep your personal issues private.

Make your own payoffs.

To keep the ‘copyright’ of your own ideas, send a memo to your team after an important meeting.

Roberta said the lead person for Massachusetts Human Resources Solutions.

“People are unlikely to mess up a proactive person,” she said.

  Avoid conditioned reflex reactions.

  Ask yourself: “Am I framed or just ignored?

Is this important?

Will this sort of calculations affect my credibility?

“Then plan to respond appropriately.

Carly-general manager of a marketing company.

  Eliminate misunderstanding.

  But choose your words carefully.

“Say that, ‘I’m easy what you said at the meeting.

I think you should remember that’s my idea ‘”said Klaus, author of” Blow. ”

“This is for resistance, not confrontation.”

  Let it pass.

  ”It’s natural to experience sadness like this,” Thomas said.

But try to forgive.

Failure to do so, “passive attacks often lead to damage to your reputation.

“she says.
Don’t be embarrassed, but be careful from now on.