Global stock markets plummet, foreign capital fled for 4 consecutive days

Global stock markets plummet, foreign capital fled for 4 consecutive days

Author: Fan Luyuan overseas emergency epidemic, panic index soared, A-share stock markets worldwide but fear Earthquake until midday closing stock index and a meteoric rise.

  The epidemic continued to spread overseas, and global stock markets were battered again.

In the latest closing, the U.S. Dow Jones Industrial Index, the S & P 500 Index and the Nasdaq fell by 3 respectively.

15%, 2.

77% and 3.

03%, the cumulative decline in the first two trading days this week has exceeded 6%, the point hit a new low for the year.

The panic index, VIX, surged 63% in two days, hitting levels at the end of 2018.

  The European market also suffered a heavy fall.

The market indices of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany all fell more than 5% in the past two days.

Affected by overnight US stocks.

Asia-Pacific stock markets opened lower one after another. Japan and South Korea market indexes both fell more than 1%.

Up to now, the number of confirmed cases of New Coronary Pneumonia in South Korea has reached 1,146. It is the first country outside China to have a thousand confirmed cases. The average number of confirmed cases in Italy and the Middle East has increased, and the epidemic has accelerated to spread overseas.

  Following the successful launch of the deep-V rebound yesterday, the A-shares again staged a low-opening high-going move in the morning.

The Shanghai Composite Index opened lower by more than 1 point and gradually regained its lost ground. It eventually closed up 0 in early trading.

3%, “a little red in ten thousand green clumps” in the global important index.

The SZSE Component Index had the biggest drop in the early session, down to 2.

54%, then reversed upwards, closing down 0.


The GEM index faced a deep decline, and once fell in early trading4.

03%, and finally closed down 2.


  It is worth mentioning that the V-shaped trend of the GEM in early trading is very similar to yesterday, and whether it can continue to break through in the afternoon has become the focus of market attention.

  Daone shares recently rose by as much as 160% outside of GEM, and large-cap stocks broke through.

The Shanghai 50 Index rose 0 in early trading.

54%, the market’s hotspot is to real estate, the infrastructure sector rotates.

Of the 28 Shenwan Tier 1 industries, 19 industries received red, real estate, building materials, building decoration, and steel industries rose more than 2%.

CRRC, China Heavy Industry, China Railway Construction and other large infrastructure stocks rose more than 5%.

  In terms of funds, the net purchase of 64 shares by the main funds in the early morning exceeded 100 million yuan. Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. harvested six consecutive boards in the early morning, and the main purchase in the early morning was 10

7.1 billion yuan.

The main fund of mask leader Daun shares a net inflow of 10.

18 trillion, in February gradually expanded by up to 160%.

Due to the surge in the price of mask raw materials, the Wonder mask index has gradually increased over the past three trading days.

After 4%, today’s trend is divergent, and the mask index fell by 1 in early trading.

73%, Dawn shares, Teda shares continued to soar.

  In addition, Tongfeng Electronics and Sichuan Changhong’s main capital inflows exceeded 500 million yuan.

Among the main stocks with the largest net inflows, Sichuan Changhong and BOE A expanded their gains or tended to be weaker in the morning.

  In the early morning, the main funds of Hite High-tech, Dongfang Wealth, and NavInfo were reduced by more than 500 million, and the main withdrawal was the highest.

  The continuous withdrawal of Kitakami funds from these stocks has increased the risk of global stock markets, and Kitakami funds have also begun to accelerate their withdrawal.This morning, the capital of the Northbound Group decreased by 3 billion, 重庆桑拿网 and net sales exceeded 15 billion for four consecutive days.

In terms of individual stocks, Beishang Capital’s position on 26 shares over the past three trading days has decreased by 0.

5 or more.

Quanfeng Automobile, Suzhou Longjie, Hisense Home Appliances, Wutong Holdings, Yeti Shares, and Pioneer Intelligence suffered from the northward capital to lighten up one of the alternatives.

  From the perspective of market performance, the stocks of Kitakami Capital that have significantly reduced their positions have generally risen higher this week. They are all winners of electronics, Wutong Holdings, Pioneer Intelligent, and Sunlord Electronics. The weekly gains have exceeded or approached 10%.

  At the same time as the overall withdrawal of Kitakami capital, the 33 stocks approved in the past three trading days have reversed the trend to increase their positions by more than 0.

5 averages.

In the past three days, chemical logistics leader Milkwei has increased its shareholding ratio by 2.

58 quantities, the largest efforts to increase positions.

Since 2020, Kitakami Capital has continued to increase positions in Milkway. The latest position of China Land Connect accounted for 8% of A shares in circulation, but at the end of last year, this proportion was only 0.


This week’s earnings have gradually increased by 9.

49% turned red in early trading.

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