Why do you grow so anxious to count the symptoms of precocious puberty in boys_1

Why do you grow so anxious to count the symptoms of precocious puberty in boys

Why do you grow so anxious? Symptoms of precocious puberty include precocious puberty in girls and precocious puberty in boys.

For boys, who develop secondary sexual characteristics before the age of 9 years, it is highly suspected of precocious puberty.

More than 80% of male children are organic.

It is speculated that this part of precocious puberty is closely related to the stimulation of environmental endocrine disruptors.

Precocious puberty in boys has certain symptoms. Precocious puberty in men is mainly caused by some organic mutations.

Including retinal pills and penis enlargement, that is, changes in secondary sexual characteristics.

There are also some local changes, such as the appearance of pubic hair, thicker sounds, and muscular development.

Symptoms similar to precocious puberty in women are accelerated growth and accelerated bone maturation, which can eventually lead to a lifetime below target height.

With central nervous system diseases such as intracranial tumors, there may be headache, vomiting, vision changes, or other neurological symptoms and signs.

Under normal circumstances, the puberty of a boy begins at about 12 years of age, so-called, the appearance of retinal pills, penile transformation and other sexual characteristics from about 12 weeks of age are normal.

It is generally believed that boys who have insulin pills before the age of 9 and penile enlargement are sexually precocious.

There are three types of male precocious puberty: true precocious puberty, pseudoprecocious puberty, and unsafe precocious puberty.

Precocious puberty: refers to the development of the retina pill and penis, and other local signs also appear.

It means that the maturation of gonads and the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics are exactly the same, both of which are earlier.

Pseudoprecocious puberty: Refers to the insulin pill or the penis itself becoming larger, but other signs appear, such as bone age development, muscle development, and sound thickening.

Its cause is relatively clear, such as tumor or viral meningitis sequelae leading to large secretion of sex hormones.

In addition, the misuse of contraceptives, the use of hormone-containing supplements, and the use of hormone-containing cosmetics have led to pseudoprecocious puberty in children.

Incomplete precocious puberty: there are no systemic changes except for some isolated signs.

This situation generally does not require special treatment.

Complications of precocious puberty in boys have some type 1, height dysplasia.

The growth cycle of precocious puberty children will be significantly prolonged, and eventually they will become shorter than the average person in adulthood, and the final height may be 1.

55 to 1.

60 meters.

2. Precocious puberty caused by tumors can threaten children’s lives.

3, self-reliance, restlessness and other resonance emotions.

Precocious children will bear heavy burdens prematurely, produce inferiority, fear and anxiety, and have long-term adverse effects on mental health in the future.

Therefore, if the boy develops secondary sexual characteristics (insulin pills and penis enlargement) in advance, and his height suddenly increases too fast, he should seek medical examination in time.

If you wait until you have changed your voice, throat knots, beards, fissures, or even sperm before starting treatment, it is too late to improve your height.

Parents should find the symptoms of precocious puberty in time, and then take them to the doctor for examination.

In accordance with the early advancement of the second sexual characteristics (before the boy is 9 years old), the serum gonadotropin level rises up to the three indicators of puberty level and gonad proliferation.