The age of couples is most easily derailed

The age of couples is most easily derailed

The US “Washington Watch” weekly reported recently that a survey conducted by the “National Association for the Prevention of Underage Girls’ Pregnancy” shows that 1 in 5 is 12?
A 15-year-old American teenager has had sexual experience. Among them, if a younger girl’s boyfriend is 2 older than them?
4 years old, then they may have a significantly increased sexual intercourse, the most dangerous age match comes from 13-year-old girl and 17-year-old boy.

  The director of the association, Sara Brown, said the survey found that 13% of American girls under the age of 14 had sex for the first time instead of being fixed, or “not particularly eager.”

Why don’t young girls want “sex” but sex still happens?

  ”Because for younger girls, boys two or three years older than them mean more power, authority, money, and persuasion, and girls are more easily controlled by these older boys,” Brown said. “And, theyIf there is sexual intercourse, it is more likely to engage in other dangerous behaviors, such as smoking, drug use, dropping out of school, etc.

Brown believes that the lack of sexual knowledge is the number one priority for pushing teens into unsafe sex.

American teens seem to know everything about sex and do n’t need to be taught by their parents at all, but the survey found that if 13-year-old American children are allowed to choose the most effective method of contraception among condoms, extracorporeal ejaculation and contraceptives, less than one-third of childrenThink contraceptives are the safest; two-thirds of children choose condoms; and only 8% of children can correctly tell which period of a woman’s cycle is most likely to become pregnant; in addition, most children do not know how to use condoms properly, Do not know the existence of emergency contraceptives, and do not know how to determine whether they are infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

  Therefore, experts believe that when children are over 13 years old, American parents need to talk to their children about “sex”, not only to strengthen the teaching of sexual knowledge, but also to communicate with their children about sexual issues, love and interpersonal issues.The child comes to ask you.

  In addition, because younger girls are more likely to have sex when dating older boys over two years of age, parents should try to prevent them from trying to be alone.

Pay particular attention to single-parent or dual-worker families.

There are many teens who have sex with no one at home, and it usually happens in the afternoon, so parents should call home at different times to see what the child is doing, and check if the child’s homework is completed after returning home.