Many Internet pornographic literature has endless consequences

Many Internet pornographic literature has endless consequences

A recent survey conducted by the San Jose Marriage and Sex Center of California and Stanford University shows that there are about 600,000 people in the United States currently indulging in Internet pornographic websites.

  Dana Putnam, a medical psychologist who is currently researching online pornography and helping victims, has set up a dedicated website and said in an interview: “This result andNot surprisingly, my website receives 800 to 1,000 visitors every day, and they all come to me for help.

This is a difficult thing to say, even to the closest friends, they cannot speak.

“The theme of this survey is” the proliferation of online pornography. ”

The report says that people who are obsessed with online pornography generally like to visit pornographic websites, patronize x-rated chat rooms, and other places that discriminate against pornography.

The report states, “It’s unbelievable that at least 20% of the 60 million Internet users in the United States will visit those naked pornographic sites when they go online, and 1% of them, that is, 600,000 have reached addiction.To the point.

Even more unfortunately, as the Internet becomes more widespread, this number is constantly increasing, which has become a very serious social problem.

“Research shows that the Internet has turned more people into eroticism, and it may create a group of people whose sexual impulses are out of control.

  Dana Putnam believes that these are facts. On his website, a visitor once said, “Porn sites can’t be imitated, and it’s easier to fear.

Hurry up and leave it!

I beg you!

You may not feel anything at first, but I can definitely swallow you up completely!

“Another person who claimed to have visited such a site not long ago said,” I was just 20 years old this year and I have not yet experienced sex, and these contents made me fascinated.

“Investigators revealed that 13,529 people visited msnbc’s news site and filled out a questionnaire. To ensure accuracy, they eventually extracted 9,265 results from the survey.

Putnam said, “People who indulge in pornography can substitute for its harmfulness but cannot control themselves, so they will become very depressed mentally and spiritually, inferiority, fragility, and even dealing with others will become difficult.

Dr. Putnam said: “For most people, online sex is not a problem, but for some it is a big problem.

“The study reports that women, gay men, and other” sexually deprived “people are most likely to develop Internet sex addiction.

The report shows that for some users, the huge amount and strong stimulation provided by Internet sex may make them unbearable.

Putnam said in an interview: “The Internet . is the number one place for these sexually disadvantaged people to be truly free and to access unlimited pornography in their entirety.

They may not have the same skills as heterosexual men in dealing with sexual temptations and pornography.

It’s like leaving gluttonous children alone in a candy store, they are confused and confused.

“Except for women and gay men, researchers point out that students are also more likely to get Internet pornography, because they have more free time, are more curious than people of other ages, and do n’t take porn prevention

Putnam and colleagues are studying what is known as the world’s first sex and internet.

  In addition, 79% of those surveyed said they only browsed pornographic websites at home, but researchers found that more and more people were even more unscrupulous even at work.

According to researchers, 20% of men and 12% of women use office computers to access pornographic websites, and 6% of employees acknowledge that office computers are their main way of accessing pornographic websites.