Small meat flesh weight loss method under the arm

Small meat flesh weight loss method under the arm

Obviously, I don’t feel obese, but I’m inexplicably squatting with small flesh and meat, and can’t eliminate it anyway?

Is there a way to lose weight with small meat under your arm?

  The underarm is the main lymph node collection site. When the continuous pressure is generated and cannot be relaxed, the lymphatic circulation will be unsatisfactory. Therefore, swelling and swelling will occur on both sides of the limb socket, and excess excess meat – also called “secondary milk”;The phenomenon is thus formed.

In addition, the choice of underwear and improper wearing are also the main factors that produce “secondary milk.”

Try the following small method with perseverance.

潇 snow recommendation: remove the small meat under the arm to remove 1.

Diligently exercise the skin, stand upright, you can see the concave and protruding parts under the arm to the chest, the inner concave part, the left chest is repeatedly pinched with the right hand and the appropriate force of the thumb, the right chest is the opposite, the daily numberFor the protruding part, the left hand clenches the fist to the strength of the knuckle, and pushes the breast with the left chest protruding from the outside to the inside, and vice versa.


Use the Miao Ling exercise, stand up straight, hold the dumbbell in front of the abdomen, parallel with the body, pull up the dumbbell to the chin, then inhale, then put it down to the original place, exhale, do 15 to 25 times, called aRound, do three to five rounds a day, and rest between one and two minutes.

潇 snow recommended: eliminate edema, thin and thin.

Wearing the underwear that suits you, choosing the right underwear, is the first step to prevent the production of the milk.

Already have MM of the breast milk, the choice of underwear should pay more attention; the side of the heightening and widening and can be completely whole the whole up and down principle, or the adjustment underwear with corrective effect, if it is perseverance, believe viceThe milk problem can definitely be solved easily!