Put on underwear let the beauty bloom

Put on “underwear” let the beauty bloom

Women put on underwear, not only comfortable themselves, but also can show their own strengths and weaknesses; choosing the right base makeup products is just like putting the most suitable underwear on your facial skin, and your beauty will be doubled.

  脸部肌肤最舒适的内衣  关键词:贴合身体、舒适质感、若有似无  舒适的内衣一定要与自己的身体没有任何的缝隙,然后用最天然、最舒适的面料将自己的身体完全包裹It feels like being in the most comfortable nature, breathing the freshest air, and giving the body the most complete relaxation.
  最舒适的底妆内衣:面部喷雾  关键词:清爽、滋润、防护  理由:质量上乘的喷雾雾珠都非常的细小,加之含有一定矿物质因子和保湿因子可以很好的均匀的附着在肌肤表面,Gives the most direct moisturizing and softening to the stratum corneum, making it more handy after makeup.
  Before applying any skincare products, we must first apply a facial spray, not to mention before applying makeup.
It is just a thin layer of spray, but it can bring magical effects to the face.
Moisturizing effect: keep the skin’s moisture when we can’t forget at any time; there are those that add facial vitality: you can enjoy a variety of make-up with the glorious appearance; there are protective effects: for external air pollution, we must of courseStart with basic protection.
Just as the most comfortable underwear can give us the most personal protection, the facial spray can also give our skin the most basic protection.
Of course, it is necessary to mention the cool and comfortable feeling that facial spray brings to our facial skin: when the drops of slender nutrition water gradually penetrate into the facial skin, the feeling that comfortable underwear can bring to us is not the same.?
  Tips: 1.

The water particles of the facial spray are already very detailed, but if you use the cotton pad to pat on the face after applying the facial spray, the pores on the face will be tightened tighter and your feeling will be more fresh.

Gently spray the sprays upwards, then let them fall naturally on the skin, which is more fresh and natural than spraying directly on the face, and just wait 10 seconds for the next makeup step.

If you want to increase the vitality of the skin, you can use a mineral-containing spray on the powder and then lightly press it on the skin. This will release the mineral active factors in the inner layer of the skin; if you want to enhance the moisturizing effect, you can use a spray containing moisturizing factorsSpray lightly on the foundation and press to achieve a moisturizing effect.
  脸部肌肤最性感的内衣  关键词:蕾丝、丝带、图案  丝带就像你身体的质感,顺滑得让人心泛涟漪;蕾丝,若隐若现的性感让人无法抗拒;可爱却又不失挑逗的图案让Man seems to meet a mixture of devil angels.
What type of woman you are, choose a unique style, fully interpret it yourself, the sexy magic is absolutely bursting.
  最性感的底妆内衣:唇膏  关键词:水润、丰满、鲜亮  理由:唇膏都含有一定量活化唇部细胞的丰润因子,可即时软化唇部角质和提升唇部质感,不可否认,娇嫩丰满的Lips are the most powerful weapon that can cause male adrenaline to rise.
How many classic red lips provoked countless men.
To achieve the most beautiful lips with bright wattage, lip make-up alone is certainly not enough. Without a good foundation, where is the wonderful look?
Base makeup lipsticks have many effects, including super hydrating and moisturizing, as well as fuller lips, more lip color adjustment, and many have sun protection.
You can add a sexy lingerie to your lips according to your personal needs.

Of course, you can also choose “underwear to wear outside”, then simply use the lip base makeup products, so that the natural texture of the lips can be fully displayed, so frank and direct sexy can have the same effect as sexy lingerie.
  Tips: 1.
Like light lip makeup, then we recommend that you just apply lip balm on the middle of your lips, and then open with your lips or push with your fingers.

In summer, you can use a sunscreen lip balm with a very high moisture content to keep your lips soft and protect your lips from UV rays. In winter, you can use a water-in-oil lip balm as a lip base.The makeup effect can make you still exude fresh and soft flavor in the severe winter.

If you are attending a dinner party, before using the lip gloss, use a bright highlight lipstick and then apply a bright red lipstick.
Your lips must be the envy of others throughout the dinner.
  脸部肌肤最贴心的内衣  如果你拥有了一件既轻薄柔软,而且透气又恒温的内衣,那么无论到什么样的场合,不管是忙碌工作还是出外行游,或者瞻观远望或者倚风伴The month will make you feel it’s consistent care.
It’s like caring for your partner. Sometimes you don’t even feel his presence, but he always does it for you silently.
  The most intimate base makeup underwear: oil control moisturizing powder crystal Keywords: oil control, moisturizing, pore modification Reason: the use of professional oil control moisturizing powder crystal can help you save a lot of trouble.
It can help you modify large pores, powerful oil control in the T zone, and three-dimensional moisturization of dry parts of the cheeks.
Is a rare “makeup helper”!
  Oil-control moisturizing powder crystal is a “pink crystal” skin care product, used in the last step of skin care procedures and before the first step of makeup.
Just gently pressing on the T area and the forehead and chin easily oily place can help to effectively control the oil. At the same time, lightly press on the thick pores on both cheeks to instantly narrow the pores and inject the moisturizing factor into the inner layer of the skin.Keeps skin fresh and bright with water and oil balance at all times. Frequent pores will really shrink.
Because it is not just an instant skin care product, it also has skin care effects, which makes it a favorite of friends with large pores and oily skin.
  Tips: 1.Powder crystal products are powdery skin care products that contain moisturizing factors. They are not just oil control, so in the process of use, pay attention to use a cotton swab to apply four to five times on the powder crystal, and then face the oil easilyPress 2-3 times on areas with large pores. Do not wipe gently.

At this point you will see the pores become finer, the skin will become smooth and no oil will appear.

  2.If you have small acne, you can gently tap the oil control powder on the acne area and repeat it 2-3 times, so that the acne will basically become lighter, and it will no longer be easy to see if you use powder and foundation.
  3.Friends with dry skin can spray a little spray before use, and pat the dry area with powder crystal after 10 seconds. The moisturizing factor will be easily locked in the inner layer of the skin.

Keep your skin balanced with water and oil at all times. Isn’t it the most intimate skin care product for you?

  The most powerful underwear for facial skin Keywords: lifting, fullness, positive shape Every woman desires a perfect figure, but the imperfect reality is placed there. Fortunately, we have the function that can help us regain confidenceunderwear.
Women who are not plump can choose corsets with comfortable inner pads. Magic corsets can also create unexpected sexy power.

Women with dark sags can choose bras with enhanced effects to create a strong charm, while women with irregular shapes can make themselves confident again with some corrective underwear.

  The most effective base makeup underwear: front makeup base cream Keywords: brightening, even skin tone, whitening and protection reasons: no matter who you are, if you want to express the ideal makeup effect, the overall gloss of the base makeup, colorDegree and texture must be a harmonious unity.

This difficult task is best suited to a makeup base.

It can instantly adjust skin tone, improve skin texture, and make skin look shiny and plump.

  Make-up base lotion or liquid foundation, it is a process before applying liquid foundation.

Of course, women who like light makeup simply need to use makeup base primer to get a good skin complexion, because it can even out the skin tone, and it has a little concealing effect. A little bit of makeup base primer is also added above the eyes.Not able to quickly brighten the complexion race.

If you need a slightly heavier look, the makeup base primer can also condition the pores well, so that the foundation on the back can be pushed away better to create a natural and more comfortable facial makeup.

Its function of brightening the facial skin well is definitely an indispensable helper for many women with dull faces. Many foundation makeup bases with whitening and sunscreen effects can also help adjust the face from the inside out.race.

Its multi-faceted glamour effect is definitely worthy of the title of the strongest base makeup underwear.

  Tips: 1.
The oils of the makeup base primer are very delicate now, so you basically don’t need to worry too much about it feeling thick.

If your skin is in good condition, you can only use the sponge to clean the upper layer in the T area and the area you need to cover.

If you need full bladder makeup, we recommend that you use a professional brush, because the brushing effect is the most even and light.

  2.You can use different colors of makeup base to adjust and modify the skin tone: use lilac to modify the dark yellow muscles of the lips and eyes; use dark ivory to modify the red muscles with acne marks on the two toes, and finally change the two colorThe edges can be smudged into one color.

This kind of makeup can both cover up the skin’s shortcomings and will soon prepare for the overall makeup of the next part.

  3.Use highlighter under the eye, nose bridge, chin, forehead, so that you can immediately outline your contours.