How to care for hair

How to care for hair

Do you think that if you wash your hair every day, it will be fine?

If you always treat your hair casually, you will never take good care of it, watch your hair protest, and become a pile of frizzy hay, so while your hair is still healthy, you must start maintaining it and let it showHair is always in a smooth state. Once the hair becomes worse and you want to recover, you have to spend a lot of time!

  To keep your hair shiny and beautiful, the most important thing is that it is rich in excess water. Generally, hair contains about 12?
13% moisture, if the amount of hair is too low, it is easy to frost and be damaged. Because the hair’s ability to retain water is very weak, so to maintain the hair, the most important thing is to prevent the loss of hair moisture.Hair must be well protected.

  Although many people choose to do hair care at the hair salon, in fact, as long as you do simple hair care at home and regularly, you can get the same effect. Why not save money and do it yourself at home and enjoy the process of getting better hairHow about it?

For simple hair care at home, just apply shampoo immediately after shampooing, and then cover the hair with a hot towel, about 20?
Just 30 minutes.

  Isn’t it convenient!

As long as you are in a beauty or drug store, you can choose your favorite hair cream to lighten your hair at home to achieve the effect of hairdressing, and the hair care can be maintained when the hair is too dry or damaged, and does not require each shampooDo it all, as long as you do a good job of hair care, not only can maintain the hair’s wetness, but also help the damaged hair to recover early!