My eyes are predictable Mysteriously squinting at the bottom of my heart

My eyes are predictable Mysteriously squinting at the bottom of my heart

Women who have been staring at each other may have hidden feelings in their hearts; in conversation, staring at the other party indicates that they pay attention to what they are talking about; when they meet for the first time, first look away, indicating that they want to be above the advantage;Most people who immediately look away from their gaze have a sense of inferiority or defects. After looking at the opposite sex, they steal away from the eye and express a strong interest; those who squint and look at the other person are very interested in the other person, but do not want toLet the other person see through it; those who look at the person, show respect and trust in the other person; look down at the other person, and want to show some kind of dignity to the other person;In addition, the opacity of the eyes also reflects the characteristics of human psychological activity.

People who often appear to be sleepy-eyed look like a dumb look; and those who are bright-eyed and stare-eyed are naturally smart.

     The eyes are known as “windows of the soul”.

In social life, if there is any desire or emotion in the heart, it is bound to be revealed.

Therefore, how to understand the mentality of others through sight activities is of great significance for the psychological communication between people.

     The field of eye sensation covers almost 70% of all sensations. In ancient Greek mythology, there are three strange monsters of sisters. As soon as outsiders touch the vision of one of them named Medesa, they immediately turn into stones.

This myth story fully illustrates the power of eyes.

     Taking food tasting as an example, we will never rely solely on taste, or at the same time focus on the color and fragrance of food, as well as the way of dressing or arranging. These are all visually affecting psychological phenomena.

If we place it in a dark room, even if we know that it is a delicious dish, we will also feel uneasy, which will make us inadvertently taste, and even lose our appetite.

Conversely, eating in a restaurant that is clean, bright, with soft lighting and exquisite food containers will make people have a good dining mood.

It can be seen that vision ranks as the “king of the five senses” and expands to dominate other senses.

Indeed, from a medical point of view, the eyes are the most sensitive of human features, and its sensory field covers almost 70% of all sensations.

  Regarding the role of eyes, Mencius also made brilliant integrations as early as the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods. He said: Those who live in people are not good in their eyes.

The son cannot hide his evil.

If the chest is upright, then the eyes will be dull; if the chest is not normal, then the eyes will be dull.

This shows that the eyes are the basis for judging the good and evil of the human heart.

     If a person has been seen by others for a long time, he will feel whether the other person is seeing himself through the heart or the right being violated, that is, whether there is visual contact, indicating whether the other person has a good opinion or interest in himself.

If the other person doesn’t look at themselves at all, they are not interested in or close to themselves.

On the contrary, when we walk on the road, we find that strangers are always staring at us, and we will feel uneasy and even scared.

     People who do n’t know each other accidentally move away from each other when they accidentally intersect.

This is because people feel that if a person has been seen by others for a long time, they will feel that they have been seen through their hearts or that their exclusive rights have been violated.

When we are waiting for a bus or standing in line at the ticket gate of a theater to buy tickets, most of them are people with their backs. This is a common practice. This is done to move forward and to avoid people who do n’t know each other.Sights intersect.

But there are also face-to-face people who are mostly friends, couples, loved ones, lovers, etc.

These people will acquiesce to each other to allow their privacy rights to be violated to some extent. Therefore, they occasionally stagger their sights and easily talk to each other and communicate psychologically.

     Therefore, we can judge: When the acquaintances meet each other’s eyes, it means that they have intentional psychological communication.

     But if this happens between women, it has a different meaning.

Because when a woman is unwilling to pass on her inner experience to the other party, she will most likely stare at the other party.

Psychologist Axline and others have conducted experiments on people’s eyesight. The experimental results show that if the subject is instructed in advance to “conceal the true meaning”, in the test, the rate of gazing at each other will decrease for men and increase for women.
A man’s uniqueness without receiving instructions is 66.

8% of the time I was watching the other person, but only 60 after getting instructions.

8% of the time watching each other.

On the women’s side, after receiving instructions, they actually increased to 69% of the time watching the other person.

Therefore, when encountering a woman looking at herself for too long in an open place, it does not prevent her from thinking that she may be hiding something in her heart. Pay attention to the truth of her insincerity.

     When you first met, the person who looked away first had a tired personality called James?

Xue Nong’s architect once painted an abstract drawing of frowning eyes, mounted on a large transparent board, and then hung in front of several stores. The original intention was to reduce theft.

Sure enough, during the suspension, the theft rate was greatly reduced.

Although it is not a real eye, it poses a threat to those who are guilty of thieves. They try to avoid the sight so as not to be stared. Therefore, they dare not enter the store or even enter the storeAnd dare not steal.

     The way people’s vision moves also reflects their mentality.It is generally believed that many people who pay close attention to each other’s personality are honest, but they are not necessarily watching from beginning to end.

     On the contrary, what happens when you look away?

It is generally believed that those who look away for the first time have diverse and active personality.

In addition, in the personality, the person who deliberately is in the superior level thinks that a person can stand up to the wind, it can be determined in the first 30 seconds.

When the eyes touch, the person who looks away first is the winner.

Conversely, a person who is worried because the other party looks away may think wildly, think that the other party abandons themselves, or ca n’t talk to themselves. Therefore, they have a mind for the other party ‘s eyes and are completely restrained by the other party.
Because of this, you should be especially careful about challenging objects that do not focus on you for the first time.

However, it is also the act of looking away. If you only look away when you are noticed, then it is another matter.

Generally speaking, this phenomenon occurs when we have guilt in our hearts or improve concealment.

     After glancing at the opposite sex, closing your eyes is a kind of “I believe you, not afraid of you” on a train or bus. A young and beautiful woman comes up, and everyone’s eyes are almost on her, butYoung men often quickly turn their faces aside.

Although they are also very interested, they have self-control behavior based on strong depression.

When interest increases, strabismus is used to peek.

This is because you want to see each other clearly, but you do not want to let the other party know your own mind.

     In communication activities, by observing the direction of the person’s line of sight, you can also see through the person’s mentality.

In communication, if you are facing the opposite sex, you only need to take a look at them, and then you intentionally move away from your eyes, most of them are due to the deep interest in the other person.

     Also, behaviorist Abin?

Goldman through research believes that after closing the eyes on the opposite sex, closing your eyes is a body language of “I believe in you, not afraid of you”.

Therefore, when looking at the opposite sex, it is not to look away, but to close your eyes and then glance at it. Repeatedly, this is the expression of respect and trust.

Especially when women see men like this, they think that there is a possibility of association.

     Most introverts can’t keep an eye on each other. When the superior and subordinates discuss work, the superior’s gaze will definitely be emitted from a high place, and it will naturally project directly.

On the other hand, as a subordinate, although he has done anything wrong, his eyes are often from bottom to top, and he often appears weak.

This is because people in high positions always want to maintain their majestic psychological effect on subordinates.

     In communication activities, the movement of the eye position is different, and their mentality is also very different.

     There are exceptions, which have nothing to do with the level of the position, and there are other reasons for personality.

American Comparative Psychologist Richard?

Coase has done an experiment in which children with increased autism meet with unfamiliar adults to observe the length of time he has faced adults.

Comparing the blindfolded and unblinded cases of adults, it is found that children spend three times as long as they look at the former.

This means that as soon as the eyes of both parties touch, the child will immediately look away.