How office workers respond to the anger

How office workers respond to the anger

It is very easy for office workers to get angry when they have work pressure or irregular life.

In addition to maintaining a scientific life pattern, you should also pay attention to eating some “clear fire” foods, or taking medicines under the guidance of a doctor. You must not buy some medicines at will.

  Physiological disorders are prone to “getting angry” and “getting angry” caused by the inconsistency of various organs of the human body and cause stressful diseases in medicine.

  Usually, people do not have any obvious symptoms before “on fire”, but after the onset, they show dry and sore throat, red and dry eyes, hot and nasal cavity, dry and cracked lips, poor appetite, dry stool, yellow urine, etcSevere aphthous ulcers, sore throats, and other symptoms can affect the body’s normal diet. Some beauty-loving women’s faces will also have large “flaming qi” and grow red and painful acne, which will cause inconvenience to life and work.

  Eat regular vegetables and fruits Experts recommend that you first maintain a scientific lifestyle, eat regularly, eat regularly and regularly, not give up a meal in time, or overeating for a meal.

Arranging various activities needs to be appropriate and modest, to ensure extra sleep, to avoid staying up late, so as not to be overly tired and to reduce resistance.

  First, eat more “clear fire” food.

Fresh green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, oranges, and green tea all have a good fire-clearing effect, while carrots have a good effect on supplementing the body’s vitamin B and avoiding dry lips.

In addition, you can take a variety of cooling powders, such as Xia Sang Ju Ju granules, Jin Ju granules, etc., which are also effective for “Qing Huo”.

  It is not advisable to eat spicy food, drink alcohol, smoke and stay up late during the period of “getting angry”. Care should be taken to maintain oral hygiene, gargle frequently, drink plenty of water, and take “clear fire” drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

If the symptoms of “getting angry” are obvious and have not improved for more than a week, you must go to the hospital in time.

Experts remind you not to take some “clear fire” drugs at will, because you may overdo it and backfire.

  Of course, adjusting your emotions is also very important.

Anxious emotions will “fuel the fire”, maintaining a comfortable mood helps to regulate the “fire” in the body.

  In addition, if you have oral ulcers and your condition is more serious and does not improve for more than a week, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

Because oral ulcers are not necessarily due to “flame and anger”, they may be caused by viruses, or they may be related to hormones and heredity.

Mouth ulcers are also considered to be signs of weakening the body, so when mouth ulcers occur, if the patient feels tired at the same time, they should check whether their nutrition is balanced, whether they have enough rest, and adequately supplement various vitamins and minerals.